Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I have a new short story called 'Distraction' published in Verbal Magazine.
You can read the story online by clicking here. Alternatively you can visit the Verbal website here and download a pdf version. The magazine is also distributed free in Ireland and is available in a bookshops and various cultural venues.
Another short story is due to be published next year in a crime fiction anthology by Morrigan Books. The book will be called Red Hand of Crime -- The Irish Mythology Anthology and contains some of Ireland top writers and has made me feel very humble to be included among them. More details here on Gerard Brennan's Crimescene NI blog.


Fionnchú said...

I like the suspension of the technologically transmitted distraction until near the end, and atop the frustration of the laptop, the rat race, and the presentation, the delay works well. The framing of the shrapnel/ warplane makes it seems as if a very real place that you're recalling, Tony. I enjoyed this.

Tony Bailie said...

Thanks John
during WWII a military plane did crash into Mourne Mountains and the US navy fired shells from the sea into the higher slopes as well, much to the annoyance of the sheep farmers (and probably the sheep as well) who let, and still do, their flock roam freely to graze in the Mournes.
Thanks for comments.