Monday, 15 June 2009

Novi Sad - Serbia

The train journey from Budapest to Novi Sad took more than seven hours and included an hour-long stop at the border. The countryside was flat agricultural land, stretching into the distance with few hedgerows and only an occasional clump of trees. Novi Sad has been a real suprise, juxtaposing, communist-era architecture with modern structures and a quint historic, pedestrianised centre.
Our hotel is in a grim, noisy street that is just around the corner from the quaint bit. It is a student city and so there is young vibrant feel to Novi Sad with hundreds of bars and restaurants spilling on to the streets.
We walked over a bridge spanning the Danube - which replced the one bombed by Nato ten years ago - to a citadel complex set on a hill. Great fun climbing there in 30 degrees but with great views over the city.
Food isn't as stodgy as Budapest.

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