Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Russian translation

A google alert pointed me to this website which has published a Russian translation of my Haiku which appeared in Shamrock Haiku Journal earlier this month.
I ran the Russian version through the online Bablefish and pasted its translation below.
The Russian website is at www.wowwi.orc.ru

rain on the window
an unfurling snail plucked
from its thrush-cracked shell

дождь за окном
от разбитой дроздом ракушки
освобождается улитка

rain after the window
the snail is freed
from the cockleshell broken by thrush


Fionnchú said...

I can't believe it: the computer actually rendered this as poetically as the original! Maybe a scary sign of AI, but I like both English versions, Tony.

faye said...

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